lying to myself

Are the negative thoughts lies–or given the state of my spirit, is it the positive ones?

What sort of woman stays committed to a man for three years before waking up to the lucid nightmare that he is at best a child-man, at worst a de-man– exhibiting irresistible charm every day of his life–unless, of course, he perceives wavering devotion?

You wanna know what’s right about someone breaking your heart–that is, early in the game? He doesn’t want to do it. And broken hearts heal healthier and stronger than ever.

Never run from a heart breaker. He is an angel in disguise. Shake his hand and sulk away. Run from the one who wants to mentor you, or just can’t resist you, who says things like, “What is it with us?” The one who acts as if you may help him solve some life mystery—he IS the mystery. What’s worse is he  leaves you little clues about yourself that are maddeningly hard to follow.


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