Jealousy is not a sin–so now you tell me

Who wants to spend more time than absolutely necessary being brain tangled, panic planked, internally inflamed in hatred’s hell?

I have made a resolution to banish negativity from my life. Ironically, it seems I must hate like I never thought possible in order to win this freedom.

Right now, I am somewhat at peace having texted the person I must hate some very hateful things. If my readers are curious as to particulars about the person who has affected me this way, I apologize that it may not be possible for me to share much about that situation because I fear that doing so might weaken my resolve to move on with my life.

I have to learn to look for love and accept no unreasonable facsimiles. I have to learn to put myself in places where I can do good, for no other purpose than to save my own life. I have to learn that even if I have social phobia because I’m mind f**ked,  and I’m closer to suicidal than is acceptable in polite society, and have so short attention span for light conversation that many people may be uncomfortable in my presence, everybody has to start somewhere who choosing to re-join the ranks of the living.


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